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                Conservatories Prices Online
                Conservatories Prices Online
                March 16, 2016
                Cost of double glazing windows UK
                Cost of double glazing windows UK
                March 16, 2016

                Choosing a Patio Door Style

                What type of?double glazed patio doors?suit your home and what type of style or design information is available online – two good questions that could use a price guide.

                There are a few basic easily identified patio door styles:

                • Sliding / Tilt & Slide
                • Tilt & Turn
                • Bi-fold / Multi-fold
                • French Patio Doors

                Patio Doors for your HomeFirst of all, let’s assume you want to save money on the cost of the work, so you should start your search with some good phrase – maybe ‘Cheap Patio Doors’, but be careful, there is a big difference between cheap & low cost.

                The features you should consider for your property is mainly how the doors will look & operate. If you have loads of room and want a great view, try looking at Bi-fold Patio Doors. On the other hand, if room is a bit restricted maybe you should have doors that open outwards like French Patio doors.

                In all cases you should consider having doors with anti-lifting tracks, toughened safety glass, 5 lever & multi-point locks so that they are secure.

                For energy efficiency, there are options for low-emissivity glass which reduces bot heat loss & heat gain whilst keeping out the cold weather & maybe even gas filled double or triple glazed glass sections for extra thermal efficiency.

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